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For Secure Personal Home Use

Secure your weapon from the wrong hands, with fastest deployment to yours.
Versatile mounting packages and accessories available.
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For Secure Personal Vehicle Use

Military-grade manufacturing for your firearms.
The most suitable and secure method for on and off-road vehicles.
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SECURE firearm protection

QUICK ACCESS, easy to deploy

READY TO USE, fully assembled

  • “I use my ATV almost every day and have my Blac-Rac permanently mounted. The Blac-Rac system is super versatile, easy to use, extremely strong and mounts about anywhere I want to put it. It has accompanied us on numerous hunts and a bunch of ATV rides here in Idaho. It is really the best around, I am a true believer.”

    ~ Ken Hunt
    Attleboro Knives
  • When I travel I carry a long gun but was always nervous about the security of my firearm while away from my vehicle. The Blac-Rac locks it in a secure manner and is out of sight from those who want to look inside my Toyota Tacoma cab. Installation was quick and easy. Even if someone were to break into my truck I know they would not be able to have access to my rifle. I have confidence in my Blac-Rac.

    ~ Chuck Whiznowski
  • I installed a Blac-Rac model 1070 on my 2017 Pioneer 500 a few months ago and I have to say that the installation was very easy, instructions were clear and quality of parts is exceptional. It works well securing my Remington R-15, Winchester model 70 .300 win and my Colt 1911. I’m looking forward to using it this deer and elk season.

    ~ Greg Burk

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